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Hello Again…

It has been over three months since last I posted anything on this blog. Is it because I stopped caring, stopped writing, or became lazy? Not at all. Rather life caught up to me and my time and efforts had to be focused on my future rather than the present. For me that meant spending hours and days on end writing and rewriting essays, sorting through personal information, requesting official documents, etcetera… The stress is real, haha.

Summer Inspiration <3

Hey rockin’ people! This post is really just going to be fun and picture heavy to give you all some inspiration for your summer look. I took a few pretty pics of pieces in my makeup collection that I’ll definitely be taking full advantage of this summer and without further-a-do: ENJOY!

So, I’m A Feminist

Hello Everybody! In case it wasn’t clear by the title, this post is going to be on something I could literally write pages about: FEMINISM. Now before you judge keep this in mind: Feminism is not a dirty word. It does NOT mean you hate men. It just means you believe in equal rights for the sexes. That’s it!

My Makeup Story Tag

Hello everybody! Another tag, that I don’t think I was tagged for- but who cares! If you know anything about me, you know I love tags. I just find them very entertaining, fun and it also gives you guys a chance to learn a little more about me. So… who’s ready for another tag?!

HELLO 2015!

Happy New Year! My first post of 2015- WOW! 2014 was without a doubt the best year of my life, here’s hoping that 2015 will be the best year yet! For my first post, I thought it would be fun to just have a little chit chat about the New Year and (of coarse) resolutions!