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FOTD – Blushing

Hello everybody! This is probably one of my favorite looks ever! Pinks and reds tend to be hard to work with as they can easily end up making you look like you have a bad case of pink eye. But if you just follow the same techniques you always do with any eye look there really is nothing to it!

#FOTD – Bronzed and Blazing

Hello everybody! Makeup is an obsession of mine (in case you didn’t already know), so I have a lot of photos of makeup looks I’ve done. And I really want to start posting more FOTD’s on this blog because one of my own favorite blogs consists of nothing but gorgeous makeup looks (Linda Hallberg) and I love sharing this kind of stuff with you all.

#NOTD – Polka-Dotted Sea

Hey dolls! First things first, how you liking the new theme? I liked the way my blog looked before but I just got bored with it and wanted to revamp my blog… and this is what I did! I hope you all like it as much as I do and without further-a-do let’s hop right into my #NOTD.