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FOTD – Blushing

Hello everybody! This is probably one of my favorite looks ever! Pinks and reds tend to be hard to work with as they can easily end up making you look like you have a bad case of pink eye. But if you just follow the same techniques you always do with any eye look there really is nothing to it!

Summer Inspiration <3

Hey rockin’ people! This post is really just going to be fun and picture heavy to give you all some inspiration for your summer look. I took a few pretty pics of pieces in my makeup collection that I’ll definitely be taking full advantage of this summer and without further-a-do: ENJOY!

Monarch Palette – Kat Von D

Hello Everybody! It is a true rarity for me to spend $50 on only one thing (heck it’s rare for me to spend $20 dollars on one thing), I was raised to make the most out of my money and appreciate every cent. With that said my lovely Tia gave me $50 gift card for Sephora and I was able to get this little treat! I LUV Kat Von D products, they never disappoint when I try them in the store but I’ve never actually owned one of her products until now.

Summer Bronze Glow = Wet N’ Wild Shimmer Palette

Hey Everybody! Summer… for some of you it means chilling out with your friends on the beach, the fresh breeze cooling you down beneath the warm sun. For me- think more fanning myself desperately under a mercilessly boiling sun in the middle of the desert! Yeah, summer’s where I live aren’t a walk in the park (or a beach for that matter), but that doesn’t mean I don’t like that summer bronze glow!

Naked – e.l.f Prism Eyeshadow

Hello Everyone! This was a completely random buy- I was in Old Navy waiting in line and getting ready to pay when my eyes land on those strategically placed pieces of merchandise right before the cashier, in this case it was an e.l.f. Cosmetics display. They had things that I hadn’t been able to find in actual drugstores which drew me in, they had the blush palettes I’d been wanting to try out and this Prism Eyeshadow palette in the shade Naked.