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College Casual







It’s the third week of my spring semester at the University of Southern California and I have been struggling to stay afloat amidst all my assignments. But I have enough time to myself at the lovely hour of midnight to show you what I’ve been wearing during some of the colder weeks in Los Angeles. And these outfits are actually lighter than what I’ve had on for the last couple of days because as some of you may know LA is getting a massive amount of rain right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day but all I have to say to the weather app is: “We’ll see about that…”

I do adore the rain being someone who comes from the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona. The rain always makes me feel calm and actually helps to bring up my spirits- that is if you’re not driving around in LA traffic of course. But since I have to bike across campus to get to my classes I have to say those Forever 21 sweat pants have been my best friends. I have them in the deep red you see here and a muted blue, and they are the coziest pants I have ever owned!

The sweater in my first look is also a must have for me. It looks extremely cute loose or tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans, but more importantly, it’s fuzzy and keeps me warm.

To all of my fellow LA angels, I hope you’re having fun in the rain. And to all the rest- remember you’re beautiful!


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