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Vasanti Eye Brushes

Quality makeup brush sets at a price tag of under 50 dollars is a hard find, but that is exactly what we have here with the Vasanti Eye Essentials Makeup Brush Set. This set comes with four makeup brushes: a classic flat brush, a blending/crease brush, detail eyeshadow brush, and an angled brush. Along with a nicely sized keepsake box to store plenty of brushes.




I’ve been using this brush set for all of my most recent eye looks while I’m vacationing in Phoenix, Arizona before heading back to Los Angeles to continue with my studies. Naturally, I forgot my own brush set at my dorm and received this set as a gift from a family member. The brushes pick up and apply eyeshadow easily, and the hair bristles are comfortable on the eyelids.

The appearance of the brushes is also very appealing with gunmetal handles and dark silver ferrules. The two larger brushes also have dual color bristles that begin as a dark brown and end in white (although one of my brushes is pink from use).

If you are interested in this eye brush set, you can find it on Costco’s website.


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