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Hello Again…

It has been over three months since last I posted anything on this blog. Is it because I stopped caring, stopped writing, or became lazy? Not at all. Rather life caught up to me and my time and efforts had to be focused on my future rather than the present. For me that meant spending hours and days on end writing and rewriting essays, sorting through personal information, requesting official documents, etcetera… The stress is real, haha.220151207_183834

But the most stressful part of it all is now past and I’m working on recovering my high spirits, and with Christmas right around the corner, my tree shinning bright in my living room, wrapping present with my family and putting them beneath the Christmas tree- I’m feeling pretty darnΒ jolly.IMG_20151208_2

I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I want in life, what I want to do, who I want to meet, who I never want to see again, the person I am and want to one day be… I’ve been getting deep. And I know I’m young but I think that gives me more of a reason to wonder about my life, where I’ve been and where I’m going.220151207_184008

Too often we get lost focusing on the tangible things of this world and we forget to reflect on how they affect us internally. Allow yourself the time this holiday season to give yourself a day to let the world slip away and just breath…

Remember you are a gift, you have a purpose, you have worth, and you deserve to be happy.


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