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Summer Bronze Glow = Wet N’ Wild Shimmer Palette

Hey Everybody!

Summer… for some of you it means chilling out with your friends on the beach, the fresh breeze cooling you down beneath the warm sun. For me- think more fanning myself desperately under a mercilessly boiling sun in the middle of the desert! Yeah, summer’s where I live aren’t a walk in the park (or a beach for that matter), but that doesn’t mean I don’t like that summer bronze glow!


LEFT: Rose Golden Goddess, RIGHT: Rose Champagne Glow

The Wet N’ Wild Shimmer Palettes are the perfect products to liven up your skin and leave you absolutely glowing! The bronzer shade is amazing for giving your skin the illusion of a slight tan and you can build it up or use it sparingly to fit your needs. The lighter shade is for giving you a rosy glow and to highlight the high points of your face. Together, I have found these make quite the duo!

A few good to knows, though, it is not long lasting in water and if you use too much it can look tacky. Other than that, enjoy that radiant summer glow. Good luck!

❤ Jacquie

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