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THE LATEST: Ioni Cosmetics

Hello everybody!

This is my second post in my THE LATEST series, if you wanna read the first you can go ahead and click right here! But otherwise stick around to read about a new up and coming brand that’s making a buzz- Ioni Cosmetics.

You can find this brand on their online website or in Fred’s Super Dollar for even cheaper than on the site (lucky you if you live nearby one of these). The reason I want to mention this brand is because a recent YouTuber (emilynoel83) featured their blushes in one (or maybe two) of her videos and ever since more and more people have started talking about it.

BlushSo those are the blushes that have put this brand in the public’s view and personally I would love to get my hands on the orange, red, and shocking pink blush! If you have seen emilynoel83’s video on Ioni Cosmetics you will see just how amazingly pigmented these are!

LippiesThey also have some other items, such as these matte lipsticks that look extremely promising (especially since I’m a sucker for matte products).

EyesSome of their single eye shadows are also very reminiscent of the NYX single eye shadows, whether or not the quality is the same is the real question. I am not “wowed” by any of the shades they have available and honestly I don’t think they look like anything to go out of your way for but for $4.29 they could be worth a look.

So there is my brief run-down of what I could find on the matter of Ioni Cosmetics and their products. They definitely have more products on their site but these are the one’s that most people tend to wonder about so – there you go!

What under-the-radar brand have you heard of?

❤ Jacquie

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