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WINTERIZED Nails – Julep Project

Hello everybody!

I was lucky enough to get contacted by Julep to participate in their Winterized Nails project, and its a simple idea with a fun twist. Think of an NOTD but your best winter version of it. I excepted and could not wait to get this post out to you guys and gals!

The photo above shows a few of the shades Julep recommends for the winter time, and my personal fave is Ilsa. They have a bunch more on their site and after a bit of digging around I found a handful of other nail polish shades not only perfect for winter, but any time of the year. Spontaneity never looses its class.

  • Boris and Nicole – Autumn red-brown frost ❤
  • Diamond Theory – Multidimensional copper glitter
  • Joni – Multidimensional golden copper glitter ❤
  • Kathy -Pearl with a mix of gold, silver, and pink glitters ❤
  • Martina – Multidimensional ruby red glitter
  • Savannah – Blue topaz multidimensional glitter
  • Ilsa – Ink blue crème ❤
  • Marla – Burgundy velvet with silver shimmer ❤
  • Ilga – Rich Bordeaux crème ❤

The ones with the hearts are my absolute must haves. Julep was also kind enough to send me an exclusive tutorial just for you, so here you go!

WinterizedAnd now for my own “Winterized” Nails. I have a very simplistic style when it comes to nails, most of the time I don’t do much to them. I do let them grow nice and long though and constantly get asked if they’re my real nails, especially when I get around to painting them. Everyone also asks me how I keep my hands and nails healthy and strong so they don’t break.

The thing is I never really have an answer for them, because I really don’t do anything to them. I just keep my hands moisturized which you should all be doing in the winter months, and be careful what products and chemicals you expose your hands to because that in turn will affect your nails.

Nail CollageWhen I do paint my nails, I love dark colors and usually stop at the second photo but since the holidays are here I decided to add some glam. Ilga from Julep is a great color for the look above and as for the glitter, they got more than enough sparkle in their nail polish collections to go around.

That’s how I keep my hands and nails healthy not only in winter but year round. And that’s also how I give them a Winterized look without too many steps.

How do you Winterize your nails?

❤ Jacquie

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