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Holiday Wish List <3

Hello again!

The holiday’s are finally upon us (Thanksgiving is next week to be exact) and I thought it would be cool to do a post that I have not done in a really long time, and which I have only ever done once. What it is exactly, is a collage of everything that I have been going ga-ga over and would love to get my hands on during the Holidays, however unrealistically lengthy the list may be…But it was a lot of fun digging around for the pics to put on the collage and setting it up all fancy and such on the page, so I hope you enjoy its cutefulness (cause that’s a word) as much as I do.HWL

  1. First off we got a straightener at the top because the one I have right now is old and I feel like it’s going to burst into flames and light my hair on fire any moment now (that almost happened with my hair dryer the other day by the way).
  2. Second thing is actually my most wanted item on there- THE VENUS PALETTE!!! I could not wait until Lime Crime released it when they first announced it, and when I saw the swatches of the eyeshadow I was sure I found love… But seriously, these eyeshadows are no joke, they’re a memoir of the Grunge Era and packed with pigment and spice! LOVE.
  3. Third, is a compilation of the most notable things on the collage and they are the beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, and whatever other word there is for amazing- the Lime Crime lipsticks, lip glosses and Velvetines. I already own one of the Velvetines in Red Velvet and I adore it to the moon and back, and I want more of them especially now that they have so many new shades!
  4. Keeping with the lippie craze, I had to include a Revlon Lipstick and the one in the pic above is called Cherries In The Snow and the one not seen but no less lusted for is Fire & Ice.
  5. Now I’m going to get into the other palettes you see up there, and one that is currently tied for second place after the Venus Palette is Lorac’s Unzipped Palette. I am a huge fan of palettes that mix together glittering, shimmery shades with powerful matte shades and this palette is no exception.
  6. The other palette tied for second place is much cheaper but make no mistake it gives high end brands a run for their money, the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. I have wanted this palette ever since I heard about it, the shades are my kind of shades- reds, golds, pinks, neutral, burgundies, etc. All those warm, romantic shades are in this palette! And if you haven’t already guessed, I’m all about romanticism.
  7. The last three palettes on there are all by Barry M and the names are: Natural Glow 2, Smokin’ Hot, and Limited Edition Starry Eyed Palette. I barely got introduced to Barry M through the lovely YouTuber, Zoella, and if you didn’t know already, I have an obsession with hording makeup palettes- specifically eyeshadows. So it’s no surprise I want all three of these palette along with all the others I’ve mentioned.
  8. Last but definitely not least, I can’t do a wish list without clothes. Lately I have been having a slight (a.k.a. huge) addiction with BooHoo, and I’ve been stalking their site like crazy just looking at all the stuff they have. The pieces you see above are only a few of the dresses and sweaters I was able to cram in and I didn’t even get to show you all the others I liked, not to mention beanies, and bottoms, and jackets, and tops, and I should probably stop now…

Whoo, that was a lot to go through but I hope you liked it and I’m sorry (not sorry) if I made your wish list even bigger than it already was. Till’ next time, muah!

❤ Jacquie

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  1. christinajavete says

    yay! Awesome wish list! I hope you get it all =) I love making wish lists and reading what others are lusting for. Great picks!!


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