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Hello everybody!

This is a quicky-post but I just had to acknowledge the fact that today in 2013 I created this blog: Jacquie Navarro. Yup, it’s the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Thank you guys so much for more than 200 followers- I still can’t grasp that number… Thank you for nearly 5,000 blog views and more than 5,000 YouTube views! This has been so much fun to do not only because I love blogging and vlogging, but because the community here is amazing and incredibly supportive. It is encouraging to read your lovely comments and when you guys like or subscribe it puts a smile on my face so big I think I might just turn into the Cheshire Cat! I can’t believe it’s been a year and an incredible one at that, and in the future I know this blog will grow immensely because of the gorgeous readers and viewers that enjoy it!

Love you all and have a beautiful life. P.S. Yay for my 151st post on Jacquie Navarro!!

❤ Jacquie

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  2. Congrats. Looking forward to a wonderful and beautiful 2015. Loving your new blog look. Haven’t yet followed on Youtube, but I’ll look in to that. Maybe next Halloween, you can be the Cheshire Cat.


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