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Halloween Makeup + Costume Ideas

Hello everybody!

Halloween is just around the river bend…(don’t ask why I just said that) and if your a last minute shopper for anything and everything like me- here are some products to help you out.

This is the first post I’ve ever done for Halloween and I went all out and into detail for you guys in case your having trouble deciding what you want to be for Halloween. I’ve tried to narrow down your search as much as I could and opted for much more affordable options (like always), and even found some options that might be easier for you to get your hands on depending on where you rest in the world. Here you go!DSCF6056 copyThe first one is by a brand I love, love, love called Sleek Makeup. It is based in the UK so if you live on that side of the world it will be easier for you to get your hands on this one. The palette shown above is their I-Divine ACID palette and you can probably see why it’s so perfect for Halloween. The colors are extremely pigmented and bright and fun, and there are just endless fun and creative possibilities for this.


  • Frozen’s Elsa the purples and pinks are perfect for this, paired with a berry lip like this one here and some white-blonde locks, and you’re gonna be ready to let it go on Halloween. The costume is pretty self explanatory πŸ˜‰
  • A Forest Fairy/Poison Ivy – the greens and black can make this look super cool. TIP: mix the deeper green with the black to use as contour for your face! As far as your costume, get your hands on a green tutu and glue some fake leaves onto it (fabric glue will make it stick better). Put on a green crop top and you can also glue some leaves onto hair pins as hair accessories. You can also buy some fake leaf vines at a craft store and wrap them around your arms and legs for extra detail. P.S. If you add red lipstick and green contacts you could totally be Poison Ivy!
  • Classic Halloween Makeup you’ve got a white, orange and yellow… need I say more?
  • 80’s Makeup – bring back the oldies with the popping neons! You can get really crazy with this one!
  • BAMF Rock Star – the blues, silver and black can make for such a cool, tough eye look along with a dark lip and some leather boots, leggings, jacket and crop top.

DSCF6057 copyThe next one is by NYX and I gotta say before anything else- this palette is awesome-sauce! It is the most versatile palette I own because there is almost nothing you can’t do with this. Whether you want a light natural look, a pretty pastel one, a bright eye catching look, or a deep dark sultry one, you got colors for almost everything. This is perfect if you want to create darker looks this Halloween and is also more easily accessible if you live in the US.


  • Sexy Vampire – you got some wicked deep, dark blues and purples to really make your smoky eyes look killer! (pun intended) And for the lips you can use this one or this one! P.S. Wet N’ Wild’s Cherry Bomb is also amazing!
  • Pin-Up Gal – perfect natural shades for a pin-up eye look and just pair it up with one of my favorite lipsticks by Rimmel’s Kate Moss and your look will be complete and vintage.
  • Pastel Unicorn/Fairy/Princess/Whatever Else You Can Think of that’s Sweet – the pastel blue and pink in the middle of the palette paired with the peachy color at the bottom left of the palette will make your eyes look like macaroons! Pair this with Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet Velvetine or any one of the yummy Revlon Lip Butters (preferably Juicy Papaya, Wild Watermelon, Pink Lemonade or Sorbet)!
  • Arabic Princess – you can’t not use all the gorgeous jewel tones in this palette. Whether you want to be a sexier Jasmine from Aladdin or a more unique enchanting Arabic Princess, the jewel shades are awesome for this costume. Plus, if you can get your hands on one of the new NYX Wicked lippies everyone’s going to be in awe of you!
  • Water Fairy/Queen/Bender – if you’re familiar with the Avatar animated series you totally got that last word! Anyway, the blues are plentiful enough for you to mix and match them however you please and once again NYX has some incredible blue lipsticks in both their Wicked collection and Macaroon collection to finish off your look. Just pair your makeup with some flowy blue clothing and draw on some blue detailing on your face if you really want to go all out!

Whoo! I hope that got your creative juices flowing and if you guys happen to try any of these ideas out be sure to show me on Instagram by hash-tagging your pictures #HalloweenJN so that I can see them and like them. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube because I’m going to be uploading a Halloween vid pretty soon!

❀ Jacquie

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