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“Bikini Ready”

Hey beauties!

Today, I am writing to you all on the “bikini ready” ideal.

The reason I call it an ideal is because most of us have had this idea imbedded into our brains of what being “bikini read” looks like. So right now I want you to imagine your version of a “bikini ready” body. Now does any of this match up with your thoughts: fit, small, skinny with a triangle bikini worthy bust and bum, and don’t forget that flat tummy.

My guess is at least 88% of you came up with an image that matched most of that criteria, maybe even 90% or even 95% of you came up with this. If you didn’t- props to you honey because you got your values straight. But as for the rest of us insecure, ad and commercial hassled, imperfect gals- it is completely normal to have that skinny perfect body mean “bikini ready.” Now is it healthy? Not so much.

Being fit and toned is one thing, beating yourself up about not being fit and toned is unhealthy because you’re just torturing yourself and making yourself think that your not beautiful or that your not perfect. Nobody is perfect and that is why it is unhealthy to think you should be. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to take better care of yourself and workout- do it. But don’t starve yourself, don’t hurt yourself, don’t take any “magical” weight loss pill, and most importantly don’t try to achieve the impossible ideal of what a “bikini ready” figure is in a magazine.


Now, on to the nitty-gritty question. Why in the world should you listen to a healthy, young teen with her whole life ahead of her? Because this little teen may be young enough to not be totally haunted by what society deems as beautiful or perfect or bikini ready, and figures it is never too late for people to come back to reality.

Okay, this is the fun part and if you’re still reading it means you got through all that rambling because a) you agree b) you’re interested or c) you really love to read. Whatever reason you got I am going to hand it over to a video voice for you guys now because this was the inspiration for today’s post. Enjoy and brb!

Let me just say before I continue: NO THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. Everything I have been saying is not because I am getting paid by this company to advertise for them, in fact they probably and most likely do not even know I am writing this so you can still trust me.

I really wanted to share this with you all because I wanted to give you a clear example of what I believe is “bikini ready” and that is whenever you decide. That bikini will always be there waiting for you, you just have to get to the point where your happy with yourself and all your flaws to put it on and feel like the sexy woman you are no matter what. This isn’t to say that if your naturally skinny or without curves you can’t look hot in a bikini either, but just know you can look hot no matter what size you are if you own it and work it like nobody can ever touch you. Especially, if you’re rocking your sexiest feature- you’re smile.

Hope this helped some of you pretty girls get that extra push you’ve been needing to strut into your closet or swimwear store and get yourself in that bikini! ‘Till next time.

P.S. If you happen to be interested in the SwimSuitsForAll line you can click this link and start shopping!

Bye beautiful little Dreamers!

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