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Big Matte Top Coat – Sally Hansen

Matte has been a very popular trend. Matte eyeshadow, matte clothes, matte bags, matte lips, matte blush, matte bronzer, matte everything- and of coarse matte nails. I cannot even begin to express how in awe I was when I first saw matte nails. They added some edge to the typical gleaming, shiny nail polish and I wanted to try it out. Now I finally have!

Sally Hansen’s Big Matte Top Coat is an easy-peasy way to achieve mattified nails to rock out in this crazy popular matte trend. Apply a thin coat and no more than what is needed or you won’t get it as matte as you’d like, then wait a few tiny seconds at watch the magic unfold before your eyes. That’s it. Yup, just like that!


I took of pick of my nails with my EOS so that you could compare the matte of the balm to that of the nail polish and judge for yourself whether its matte enough for what your looking for. Another thing I really liked about the top coat is that it gives your nails a smoother finish and helps them last a lot longer.

What part of the matte trend are you obsessing over (matte shoes, matte blush, matte cars, etc.)? Share with other reader’s in the comments and till’ next time beautifuls, MUAH!


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