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Coy – Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm

Hello, hello beautiful and welcome to this post! Revlon has since 2013 launched their two ColorBurst Balm lines, one is lacquers the other matte. Here I have a lacquer balm in the shade I was most excited to try called Coy. I was really looking forward to the finish of the lacquer balms but was disappointed when I tried it out myself and the color also fell short of my expectations. The finish is not as shiny or dazzling as I saw in a number of photos and I am still debating whether or not I actually like the color. Coy is supposed to be this shiny, brown/copper shade but its more of a glazed reddish-light brown and although I am a very big fan of brown lipsticks I’m not too sure this one is doing it for me.


However, I really like the way they feel once they’re on, they have a very slight but noticeable minty feel which I absolutely always love. They apply very smoothly and for a balm they are indeed very pigmented so I have no complaints about that. Although, this shade let me down because I was very excited to try this I will probably go to the drugstore to get my hands on another shade just to try my luck because I also wanted to try out Whimsical.

What is your favorite lip balm for a colored pout? Do kiss and tell because this girl has a love for lip balms and a hatred for dry lips (it’s so annoying!) so leave your answer in the comments. Have a day as lovely as you, MUAH!

❤ Jacquie


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