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Golden – e.l.f. Bronzer

Sup love?

Hope you are having a lovely afternoon and and if not smile anyway! It keeps you strong and confuses people…. So today is highlighter number 2 and this is kind of a dupe for the more expensive Benefit Cosmetics highlighter. Yay! What up Beauty On A Budget!!!

To make matters even better it is an e.l.f. product which guarantees its low price. But wait- what? It says bronzer in the title. Yeah, well this bronzer is much too sparkling and bright to contour anything but sense I spent my money on it I found an awesome use for it.


Like the Watt’s Up! Benefit highlighter it gives my skin a glowy look to it only this one does not have that dewy effect on the skin. But it still looks natural and gives your features that nice extra bit of attention to make them stand out. What I do to achieve this exact look is I take my fingertip and move it over the bronzer in a circle, passing over each of the four rectangles. This leaves you with a lovely rose-gold color that you then can apply on the features you wish to highlight and voila!

Stay tuned for my top fave highlighter of all time! Need some encouragement- it costs $1!!!

Do you happen to know of a cheap alternative to a high-end highlighter? Let the readers know in the comments and I always love reading them myself. Bye dolls!

❀ Jacquie



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