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Watt’s Up! – Benefit Soft Focus Highlighter

Watt’s up everybody!

As promised I have highlighter number three to show yal today and this is one that I have really, really come to love not only because of the quality of the product itself but because of its convenience. It’s a retractable stick in a shiny purple tube and in the photos I know it looks tiny but that’s only because this was a sort of sample piece because it came in a Benefit makeup kit given to me as a gift on my b-day (no, this is not sponsored and my thoughts are my own personal feelings on this product). And anyway, as far as the highlighter itself goes, its pretty darn amazing and the only reason I do not have it as one of the top two is only because of the price. But quality wise, well, see for yourself.


I look like I’m glowing!!! The highlighter just gives your skin this gorgeous dewy look and makes it seem like its gleaming from within. Oh-so-natural! Seriously, though, if you can get your hands on this baby- DO IT! It is worth the price and I guarantee you’re not going to regret it.

Know of any dupe’s out there for this high-end highlighter? I really want to know because this girl ain’t rich and she likes her bargains so leave me your comments! Till’ next time Lovelies!

❀ Jacquie


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