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The Daydream- bareMinerals READY Luminizer

What’s up girls, guys, and possibly pets that like browsing the internet! Yeah, well on a less crazier note, I have four highlighters that I will be showing you all throughout these next couple of days because I realized I had some pretty nice ones.

Now I was not the highlighter kind of gal when I first started off with my beauty guru thing on YouTube but as I started my eyes were opened up to all these beauty and fashion terms, and styles, and products, and it was kinda exciting for me. When I stumbled upon highlighter it was sort of an empty moment and I moved on. But then I tried one that I really fell in love with and was super-duper cheap and which I am saving for last. So here I have for you highlighter number 4 on my list.

The Daydream is a luminizer/highlighter that sits on the more high-end side as it is by bareMinerals. But it is a lovely highlighter that gives your skin an extremely light shine of pink. Compared to others I have tried, however, this one does have glitter that shows more significantly on your skin so it may not look natural depending on your skin tone and how much you put on. But since this is the case you also don’t need much to highlight your features.

bareMinerals The Daydream Cover2Like I said it’s a really light pink but it makes your cheeks gleam the tiniest bit.

What’s your fave highlighter for a bit of shine? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next highlighter on my list. Bye!

❤ Jacquie



  1. I still actually need to find myself a good highlighter! For how much I love them (for the cheekbones in particular) I don’t feel like I have one that’s as “Strong” as I’d like it to be.


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