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Creme Brulee & a Red Velvet Cake

Yello, I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with your special someone or your own beautiful self. I have here today a review long over-due because it is on the Revlon Lip Butter’s which have been out forever but I am going to review them anyway. The two colors I have them in are just too lovely to not tell you and whenever I find a drugstore product worth having you can bet all spill the beans to you. Alright, now let’s get on to the swatches.

RVCB Cover30000Right: Red Velvet, Left: Creme Brulee

My camera did Creme Brulee justice as it is a very opaque nude that looks great on its own but depending on your skin tone you may want to tone it down with a darker lip liner. The Red Velvet lipstick, however, actually looks like a much deeper wine shade then the brighter berry the pic above shows but it still looks nice no matter the lighting and out of the two this shade is my favorite. Hands down!

And that it is it loves! Thank you for reading as always and have a lovely day! Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment and check out my YouTube Channel to subscribe. Do you have a fave lip butter shade? If so let me know and bu-bye!



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