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I Told You Not To Eat My Chocolate!

Hello again! I know I have been showing you lipsticks for three days now but I really want to show these products to all of you and today I went to Walgreen’s and stumbled upon this brown lipstick. I have never had a brown lipstick and wanted to try it out so I have here for you Revlon’s Choco-Licious!

So this lipstick really had me craving chocolate after I put it on because the color on the lips looks like you just indulged in a bowl of creamy melted chocolate (and just maybe more than one). I love this lipstick and am officially obsessed with brown lippies, it just looks so gorgeous and is not something one sees often so I definitely recommend this lipstick if your looking to change things up. Plus, the name in its self sounds pretty awesome and is sure to make your lips look delicious. Don’t you think so?


If any of you know of other brown lip products let me know because I would love to try some more of these out. Thanks for reading and have a lovely week! Adios!

❀ Jacquie


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