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What’s the Number for 111?

Hey guys and gals! So its been a busy day, busy in the good way though not the kind of busy that makes you go, “Augggg!!!!” I hope you are all blessed enough to have good busy days and now I am going to tell you about a lipstick that I have had for a while and thought I should do a review on.

The Kate Moss Collection is a line of makeup products produced by Rimmel London and she has two different sets of lipsticks. One is matte and the other has various finishes I believe. The one I am showing you today is from the matte group and it is in the shade 111- Kiss of Life. I really love this name, don’t you? The color is even more to love.

20140201_114333It is a brilliant red and a must have for any matte-finish lovers. However, the downside has to be that if you don’t prep your lips before hand your lips aren’t going to feel too good after a while of wearing this lipstick. It is pretty drying as it is matte but it does have a nice staying power.


If you have a fave Kate Moss lipstick let me now in the comments and don’t forget to follow my blog! Bye!

❤ Jacquie



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