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Maybelline Vivids Spotlight: Pink Pop & Electric Orange

Hello! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful day, I am going to be giving you guys some lip swatches of these two lipsticks from the Maybelline Colorsenational Vivids collection ($7.49 each). As well as, my personal opinion and review. Enjoy!

I am obsessed with the Vivids collection now because of these two shades (10 shades total) and I am currently itching for Brazen Berry, but that is a story for another time. Today’s spotlight is obviously on Electric Orange and Pink Pop.

Electric Orange is definitely electric. I could walk into a street in the middle of the night and you wouldn’t miss me- too far, huh? But seriously this is a bright orange with a small bit of red undertone and is bound to catch attention. Even though its still technically winter (a time to take advantage of darker colors), I’ve never been a believer in waiting on the seasons or trends, so if you’re feeling vivid take a stroll through the snow in this orange catch. ‘Cause it really is just lovely.


Pink Pop is my fave of the two just because I’ve never found a color exactly like this before. It’s a bright, almost Barbie-pink color with blue undertones and it isn’t so exaggerated that you can’t wear it out casually. It really is very wearable and anyone can sport this.


Next on my list is Brazen Berry, I’ll do a post on that one as soon as I get my hands on it. Otherwise, THANK YOU FOR READING! Have a lovely day and show me how you wear these Vivids out in the comments.

❤ Jacquie


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